Orgo is your go-to app for keeping everyone in your group in sync with all of theirs and everyone else’s activities every day through events, to-dos and notes.


Organize your circles of colleagues and family into groups – to help organize life better


Identify the circles of your life that needs organization – whether it is to schedule activities, organize things to be done or jot down notes that can be shared.

Shared schedules to keep everyone on the same page


Schedule a dentist appointment for your daughter, a work meeting for yourself, or a engagement for your family. Add details such as location and instructions and allow the reminders to keep you on top of it all.

Shared to-dos reduces last minute calls and messages


Whether it is a shopping list for yourself, tracking to-dos with colleagues at work or a holiday check list for your family – we all need shared to-dos to avoid scattered notes and repeated calls and messages.

Jot down notes to yourself or share with others


Need a place to write down your notes at a meeting, a recipe that you recently found or a holiday itinerary that you want to share with friends and family?  Here is is – a notepad that allows for keeping to yourself or sharing with others.



Contact us at support@orgotoday.com



With Orgo, you start your days with organized simplicity!

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